Why Your Sales Team Needs Targets

Most Sales leaders don’t understand why their Sales Team is not performing as expected. Off course there are multiple reasons that could cause this issue, however, the most common within small, medium and large organizations is that

Your Sales Team needs crystal clear Targets and Compensations

Without this, your entire Sales Team is not focussing on the right execution and will most likely be distractive with crappy activities. So ask yourself the following questions and determine if your Sales Team is set to achieve your targets or not:

  1. Do you know the individual targets per Sales employee?
  2. What compensation does an Sales employee receives when achieving his or her targets?
  3. What team compensation does your Sales team receive if the targets are achieved (or better…over achieved)?
  4. How do those targets link to the overall Sales target of your division or company?

Think about it – your SalesForce need cohesive focus and crystal clear targets with respective compensations to ensure consistent sales growth!

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