Strategic Deal Qualification

After working intensively on multiple smaller, large and complex deals, strategic deal qualification is one of the, if not THE, most critical tool for you as a Salesleader. As qualification will determine if you’re good or bad at Sales. Reason: if you pursue deals which have little to zero win-change, you will never be successful. Accurate qualification will lead to decide that you step in a deal, or simple ‘leave it to the others’ and don’t waste company money. Deal qualification has different aspects and takes quit some investigation but will help you become more successful at winning deals. It also sets forth a strategy and win-plan moving forward.

Please find below the 8 key aspects of strategic deal qualification which we will cover in more detail in the upcoming weeks as they might look straight forward, but there is allot – and I mean ALLOT – of effort and dedication required to ensure you got all of them covered to the extend required.

The main question we need to answer is: Can we WIN this deal, or should we simply walk away?

The 8 key aspects of deal qualification:

  1. Relationships
  2. Strategy
  3. Deal Theme and Value Proposition
  4. Price-2-Win
  5. Competitor Analysis
  6. Solution & Capabilities
  7. Partner Strategy
  8. Business Case

Last, but not least, I am fully aware allot of companies have huge OE (Order Entree) and ER (External Revenue) targets which very often translates to ‘all deals are must-win deals’. It’s up to you to decide you follow this weak strategy or change. In the end only one thing counts: Did you win deals, or not, and excuses as ‘we needed to pursue those deals due to bla bla bla’ – will not support you. Getting a name and reputation of a ‘Deal Maker’ is more worth then you can imagine.

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