My Top 4 Sales Books in 2017

As we started 2018, and the targets for Sales Growth are known, it’s time to revamp your Sales Strategy for the remaining year and continue/start planning ahead.

What better way to-do the above then read some good Sales Books? As if there is one thing all great Sales Leaders have in common, it’s that they read, constantly educate themselves and coach others with that knowledge or experience gained.

The list below is my personal recommendation for anyone who wants to improve his/her personal and professional success!

1) Sales Growth – by Baumgartner, Hatami and Valdivieso

Based on discussions with more than 200 of today’s most successful global Sales Leaders from a wide array of organizations and industries, Sales Growth puts the experiences of these professionals in perspective and offers real-life examples of how they’ve overcome the challenges encountered in the quest of Growth.

The book is broken down into five overarching strategies for successful Sales Growth:

  1. Find growth before your competitors do
  2. Sell the way your customers wants
  3. Supercharge your sales engine
  4. Focus on your people
  5. Lead sales growth

Besides the excellent explanation there are more then 20 interviews of today’s top Sales Leaders in the world how they challenged the status quo, developed their Sales Strategy and how to move the company and people into a Sales Engine for Growth

Link to AmazonSales Growth: Five Proven Strategies from the World’s Sales Leaders

2) Beyond reason – By Roger Fisher and Daniel Shapiro

In Beyond Reason, you will discover how to use emotions to turn a disagreement – big or small, professional or personal – into an opportunity for mutual gain.

It offers straightforward, powerful advice for dealing with emotions in even your toughest negotiations, whether with a difficult customer or a colleague. You will discover five ‘core concerns’ that lie at the heart of most emotional challenges. And more important, you will learn how to address these concerns to improve your relationships and get the results you want.

The book builds on previous work of the ‘Hardware Negotiation Project’, the group that brought the groundbreaking ‘Getting to Yes‘.

Link to AmazonBeyond Reason: Using Emotions as You Negotiate

3) Confessions of the pricing man – By Hermann Simon

One of the world’s foremost expert on pricing strategy shows this mysterious process works and how to maximize value through pricing to company and customers.

In this engaging and practical narrative, Hermann Simon leaves nothing out of the pricing cocktail, explaining each ingredient through dozens of stories collected over four decades in the trenches and behind the scenes. A world-renowned speaker on pricing and a trusted advisor for Fortune 500 executives, Simon’s lifelong journey has taken him from rural farmers markets to a distinguished academic career, to a long second career as an entrepreneur and management consultant to companies large and small throughout the world. along the way, he has learned from Nobel Prize winners and and leading management gurus, and helped countless managers and executives use pricing as a way to create new markets, growth their business, and gain sustained competitive advantage. Here, for customers and business people alike, he reveals the secrets of successful pricing practices, and shares the wisdom and common sense that will forever change the way you think about prices

Link to Amazon: Confessions of the Pricing Man: How Price Affects Everything

4) Pitch Anything – by Oren Klaff

Last but not least, a special book which I did not have in hardcopy but on Kindle therefore missing in the picture.

When it comes to delivering a pitch, Oren Klaff has unparalleled credentials. Over the past 13 years, he has used his one-of-a-kind method to raise more than $400 million–and now, for the first time, he describes his formula to help you deliver a winning pitch in any business situation.

Whether you’re selling ideas to investors, pitching a client for new business, or even negotiating for a higher salary, Pitch Anything will transform the way you position your ideas.

According to Klaff, creating and presenting a great pitch isn’t an art–it’s a simple science. Applying the latest findings in the field of neuroeconomics, while sharing eye-opening stories of his method in action, Klaff describes how the brain makes decisions and responds to pitches. With this information, you’ll remain in complete control of every stage of the pitch process.

Pitch Anything introduces the exclusive STRONG method of pitching, which can be put to use immediately:

  • Setting the Frame
  • Telling the Story
  • Revealing the Intrigue
  • Offering the Prize
  • Nailing the Hookpoint
  • Getting a Decision

Link to Amazon: Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal

I hope you enjoy the books, and if you have a special book to recommend, please comment below!

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