From Good to Great, Part 1

Most sales people assume that following the customer buying process and delivering a ‚good‘ proposal will eventually win them the deal. Let me be very direct here: IT DOES NOT in most cases, in some, yes. I am not saying you should jeopardize the customer procurement process, which should never do formally, but you have to think outside of the process and differentiate yourself to the competition. See here below some tips and thoughts to work through on your next proposals:

(1) Qualify

As always, ensure you firstly check if you can win the deal, qualify the opportunity first. Use the ‚Strategic Deal Qualification‘ guide to ensure you only work on deals that you can win.

(2) Know the competition

Understand the battleground you are in, meaning: Who are you up to and what do they offer? Perform a detailed competition analysis to ensure you know all their cards to the extend possible. Also get to know to whom are they connected to the customer/prospect (use LinkedIn for example) and build a strategy that mitigates their unique selling points to leverage yours! There are different angles you need to look at when it comes to competition, especially: Are their willing to ‚buy‘ the deal to get a footprint in the region or market? Are there bigger fish in the long-run and this one is helping securing the mega deal later? If yes, consider your pricing strategy!

(3) Exceed expectations

Customers know exactly what they want, but on the other hand expect their providers to enlighten them with new innovation and disruptive ideas. Ensure you over exceed your presentation – not your solution – to motivate the customer that you are the partner of choice for now and in the future. In the later rounds, and you did some clean-up of costs and business case, you could decide to please – to some extend – those ideas into the business case (if possible).

(4) Sell, sell and sell

In every document you are submitting to the customer, everything you have to focus on is selling it. What does that mean? simple: Ensure you provide VALUE to every section in your document or presentation. Explaining a solution in detail without explaining the value to the customer, and customers customer, is basically just a confirmation, without a great selling proposition.

I hope those 4 quick tips help you in your journey in winning more deals.

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